The AgentZee is a marketing agency dedicated to developing creative solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses to strengthen their business’s potential as well as their brand’s online presence. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for business owners as we offer a range of services that can help you either launch a new business idea or grow your current business. Some of our services offered are business registration, accounting services, social media management, content creation and brand coaching. The AgentZee’s ultimate goal is to give entrepreneurs and small business owners a chance to own a business and establish a brand they can be proud of and by extension improve the quality of their lives.


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We at Leslyn’s Catering and Hospitality Services Ltd have been existing in the food industry in Trinidad and Tobago for a little over 10 years. We cater and or provide hospitality services at all events, from carnival fetes to weddings to high profile corporate functions. From 2015 to present, in addition to catering, we own and operate multiple food outlets and restaurants in Port of Spain, Barataria, St James and Diego Martin. Over the years we have prioritized and continue to prioritize putting people first, excellent service and preparing quality, tasty meals.


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Build Ting provides custom handcrafted carpentry and woodwork for corporate and individual clients.  Some of our corporate clients include Hilton Trinidad & Conference Center, Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean Bottlers Trinidad and Tobago.

We pride ourselves on professional and unique services of woodworking and laser engraving, all items are handmade with sustainable wood products harvested right here in Trinidad and Tobago.

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KolArt Graphix is a premium graphics company, that established by Kirlon Williams on 26th March 2020. At KolArt, we offer a vast various of services that are specifically tailored with the client in mind. We offer anything from logo, flyers, business card design and much more.

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Moruga hill rice is distinctively red, with a nutty flavour and is high in nutrients. It’s traditionally cooked in coconut milk flavoured with herbs. Moruga hill rice has for generations been one of Trinidad and Tobago’s best-kept secrets. The grain has long been a staple among the remote communities of the deep south of Trinidad, with a history going back as much as 200 years, starting with the Merikin settlers.

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